The Good Dog Collar

Have you got a Sir Barks-a-lot in your family maybe a Madam Fluffy either way your furry best friend is going to love you a whole lot more with this leathercollar round their neck!

An outback classic, the unique design of this collar brings together a veg-tanned fur baby friendly leather rolled over a natural manilla rope core, making it super comfortable against your dog's neck. The collar is finished with high quality all black buckle and a solid 1 piece d-ring for handy lead attachment. What sets this collar apart is not only the quality components but you yes YOU can add your dogs name, a phone number or fancy stitches to express your pooches personality.

Great for all dogs but absolutely beneficial for dogs with longer coats, which can become rubbed or tangled by wider, flatter collars.

Why "The Good Dog Collar" not only because of the fur baby friendly materials and the satisfaction your going to have making it but we are also going to give 20% of the purchase price to Greyhound Adoptions WA to help them to keep doing the wonderful work they do. Want to read more about why we chose Greyhounds see this blog post.

Using premium, full-grain sustainably sourced leather in your choice of colour, The Good Dog Collar will patina, soften and just get better with use.