Named after Founder Bec's Dad, Henry is the toiletries bag that every man should own. Angular in its appearance with a unique zip free top it brings together the best of form and function. Large enough to really pack it in for long or short stays or something luxurious for your home bathroom to an everyday workhorse for the regular traveller. Seeing Henry when you wake up in the morning is a reinforcement that you can do great things and there people whom you will see again soon that love you very much. Henry has so many uses not just for men. It makes a great project bag for crafters, make up bag for women or a great clutch for going out.

Constructed (by you!) from the finest quality full-grain leather - the type that only gets better with time - we are sure you will get many years of versatility from your Henry. Just follow our video tutorial to craft your new leather accessory in less time that a trip to the shopping mall takes, with far more satisfaction.