Double Dutch

The Dutch. Awesome people known for their beautiful tulips, love of bicycles and above all, practicality. And our palm-sized Double Dutch Pouch wallet puts practicality in the palm of your hand - literally.

An inspired, Scandi-simple design and spare design makes this a perfect coin holder or small pouch for ladies, gents, teens and tweens. It can hold your loose change easily, and is also a great size for storing your special pieces of jewellery when you need to keep them safe. A central leather divider gives you the option of organising your bits and pieces if that's how you like to roll.

ith the double press studs already fixed neatly in place, this is great beginner level project that will give you a pro result.

Using premium, full-grain sustainably sourced leather in your choice of colour, the Double Dutch Pouch Wallet will just get better with use. You'll never want to let this neat little companion go!