Earthy and classic with no pretence at all. We believe wood and leather are earthy kindred spirits that just belong together. Our new Kindred collection celebrates their soul mate qualities by uniting them for your stitching pleasure!

Clifford is the nifty card slide wallet that you never knew you were missing - until you met him. His job is to give a snug, minimalist home to your credit or loyalty cards for fuss free trips out. Two angle cut full-grain leather panels in your colour choice line a gorgeous walnut veneer centre. Thumb cutouts ensure you'll always be able to slip your cards out the minute you need them. Clifford holds a minimum of 2 rigid cards on each side and will stretch with use to squeeze in a couple more.

With all layers stitched by you at the same time, Clifford comes together in a jiffy giving you a sensational result for little effort.