Classic 36 Wrist Watch

A proper wrist watch was always a gift for a momentous occasion - a 21st, new job or retirement. A solid watch on your wrist symbolised value, solidity, adulthood. Today we whip out our phones to check the time - but wouldn't it be nice to turn the clock back?

Our beautiful wrist watch kit has been designed to bring the classic charm of wearing a good watch every day, back into your life. A classic, minimalist watch face is displayed on your choice of quality leather band - stitched together by you. Every time you check the time you'll be reminded just how cool and crafty you are!

Designed with a fully adaptable wrist band with 12 adjustment holes, the 36mm analogue dial sits on a double thickness quality leather band. The high contrast black marks on a matt white face make this watch super easy to read. The band's just the right width at 18mm (a smidge under an inch) to be noticed but unobtrusive - perfect for dressing up or down. A 10mm wide strap retainer keeps your band in place all day, with a quality metal buckle to secure your timepiece. The quality leather watch band will become softer and suppler the more you wear it.

The wide range of adjustability makes our watch kits suitable for guy, girls and even children - what a great gift to treasure and grow with.