About Us

Welcome and thanks for hanging out with the Hammered Leatherworks team.

Meet Adam and Rebecca Fogarty Co Owners - fellow crafters - DIY Enthusiasts

What is the Hammered Leatherworks team? Most of the time it's Bec and Adam, AKA Mr Hammered, I say most of the time because even the best teams need a little help at times. We are husband and wife based in Perth, Western Australia. 


Have we got a project for you!

Let’s unleash the confidence to create, acquire new skills and learn old techniques. Everything you need is in this box. And with our follow-along online tutorials, you’ll find it all sew easy (boom tish!). Don't want to make it yourself then gift it! Everyone loves a creative project, it is just about as freeing as that after work drink or bedtime chocolate!


Professionals agree making is good for our mind and souls.  Hammered Leatherwork’s clever leather kits are designed to introduce you to the traditional craft of leatherworking, by making contemporary products for modern living. Not to mention how great it feels to craft a one of a kind item for yourself or a loved one!


Why we chose to create DIY projects...

Making a handcrafted gift for a loved one (or, who are we kidding – ourselves!) counteracts the ‘meh’ of a world swamped with mass-produced meaninglessness. We choose heirloom-quality ethically-sourced components for our kits that are long lasting and age beautifully.
Come on in the waters fine and discover how good you can really feel.
Adam & Bec
Perth, Western Australia