Workshop Dog - The Good the Sad and the Glad of Greyhounds

You will often see our current workshop dog on Instagram or facebook. They will always be a greyhound with a smiling face and a wagging tail.

How did it all start?

Our love affair with greyhounds started 8 years ago when we adopted our first from Greyhounds as Pets WA. A carefree blue boy who wanted nothing more than to be loved. He was almost hip height and fitted right in with the Fogarty fam-bam. Many couch cuddles with his humans and zoomies (crazy running for 30 seconds LOL) later we sadly lost poor "Bluey" to cancer a couple years ago and everytime his picture shows up in my Facebook memories I smile. Not because we lost him but because he got to spend most of his life free with our love showered on him. Bluey spent his puppyhood and teenage years as a possession earning dollars on a racetrack that would never come back to him as the tender loving care he so much deserved. Such skinny love! (Yes I admit it I am sheding a tear now for the boy we lost but so much more for the ones that don't get the love they crave.)

What next?

So while our hearts were broken we took some time, we healed and in 2017 decided to open our home and hearts again this time we decided we would help more than just 1 of the 17,000 greyhounds that get put down per year by becoming a foster family. I say family instead of parents because our hooman kids are just as educated and a part of this as we are. Fostering is by no means easy you take in a shadow their personality drained and spirit broken but with time they show you unconditional love, excitement and their real goofy personality, all just because they are now free.
We are now 9 months into our Greyhound foster journey. We have fostered 3 beautiful dogs Manny, Harry and now Cam. All with their own crazy personalities and traits, we are so thankful they decided to share those traits with us.
This is Manny an 16mth old pup. A leg injury is unfortunately a death sentance in the racing injury but buy the graces of the universe the right organisation found him and said no its not your time.
This is Manny an 16mth old pup. A leg injury is unfortunately a death sentance in the racing injury but buy the graces of the universe the right organisation found him and said no its not your time.
This is Cam another black boy but he has soo much personality. Another leg injury but the good news for Cam is that it will heal and he already has been adopted. Yup as soon as hes out of casts and walking he will be on his way to Andrea and Daniels loving arms.
This is Harry he was 4 years old and soo very timid scared of other dogs and especailly men. However after 3 months with us before getting adopted by the Potters he fell asleep on adams chest. Job done!

How can you help?

Even if you dont have the ability to adopt a skinny love jerk AKA greyhound into your life I am going to put a list of not for profit greyhound organisations below that need you. If its a like on Facebook, dontation or you have a little time to  help with admin, adoptions, market stalls every greyhound will reward you with a loving lick or a leaning hug! 
Greyhound Adoptions WA    
Greyhound Rescue VIC
Friends of the hound NSW

We know we can do more and this is how we are going to do it!

Hammered Leatherworks will be creating a very special range of dog collars and leashes that will allow you as our customer to give back too. With the designs finialised and the custom made hardware on its way they should be in your hands by mid April. Collars will be available in 4 sizes and leashes with matching hardware can finish of your pooches ensemble. From your purchase Hammered Leatherworks will donate a percentage of $$ to Greyhound Adoptions WA, we have chosen this organisation as everyone in it is a volunteer and everydog they take in is rehabilitated. Together we will be making sure each beautiful doggie finds a loving fur-ever home. Subscribe to our email news to make sure you dont miss out on pre-orders.
All our love Adam and Bec and our workshop dogs xoxo

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