With our birthday just around the corner we are going back in time!

The year before it officially was....

Momentus occasions really give us the opportunity to look back in time. Our 3rd birthday is just around the corner, when looking at some pictures waaaaay back at the start of our instagram we realised we started teaching leatherworking a full 12 months before we bought Hammered Leatherworks out of the closet. So really its our 4th birthday! YAY

We had so much awesome support from Leah Dent and Angela Mitchell from Studio Bomba who organised, promoted and invited us into their super welcoming space. We have seen so many light bulb moments and big smiley faces that inspired us to make our leather DIY kits for creative souls all over the world. The days of bang bang banging on coffee tables steered our focus firmly on our everything is in the box kits. This way we get to teach more people even though we dont get to see the lightbulb faces as much in person we do get to see proud hands and finished leathergoods though our #hammeredleatherworks on instagram.

We have so many awesome supporters over the years, those that follow us to support what we are doing, those that love craft, those that wanted to learn new skills, peeps that want to give a kit as a gift and those who have told every single friend about Hammered Leatherworks because they want one as a gift! Our little workshop in Perth is now reaching hands as far away as New York, London, Malaysia, Slovenia, Austin, Mexico, Canada and France we are so proud of all the people of the world for opening their hearts and minds to the wonderous smile and self satisfaction that comes with creating something responsibly and ethically that will last a life-time. With out "u" there is no us!

So have a think back to your first encounter with Hammered Leatherworks and tell us about it in the comments below. You will feel all warm and fuzzy! 

We have a stack of awesomeness here that will go out chosen at random. Comments will close Monday 12th June.

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