Why DIY kits make awesome gifts

Giving the gift of making is miraculous. You can give the gift of a smile. By gifting a DIY kit you are encouraging the gift receiver by saying you can do this and I believe in you. You can feel confident that they will have all the support they need through video tutorials and written instructions to learn about making it great with their own hands.

Think back to when you were a kid in school what great times do you remember? For me is with the making of mothers day and fathers day gifts, the art classes learning new techniques and how to use them (Hey even as a parent now paper mache comes in super useful)

When they are done and show off their amazing new wallet, bag or watch you can smile knowing you are the reason they are feeling good.


We would love you to comment and tells us what the most amazing DIY kit you have ever given or received.

See you again soon Bec xoxo

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