What men want! Its not as hard as you think!

Its that time of year again- FATHERS DAY!!
We hear it so very often.

"OMG, men are so hard to buy for" 

And up until now I totally believed that! Then I asked some men, "hey, what do you want?" Its turns out it's actually pretty simple.

Dont overthink it!

Men think differently to us gals. It turns out they have far less wants and very specific needs. That should actually make buying for them easy.

Their wallet is worn out- they dont want you to find someone that has re-invented the wheel they just want the same thing again. SIMPLES! That's why the old wallet fell apart. They loved it, and that is the key word. 

Men only bring things into their lives when they LOVE them!

So let me tell you a story about a Pop named Henry and a husband named Adam!

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