Adam and I love to travel we have been to Thailand , Malaysia, Indonesia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Port Hedland and that is just been in our time together. As kids our parents had us out and about to visiting Brisbane, Gold Coast, Singapore, Bali and Penang for me and Hawaii and the USA for Adam. We have learnt just a few tricks along the way like how to get every centimeter and gram out of your suitcase by rolling your clothes, Adam is a tetris expert! So I thought we would share a few.
Travel wallets - Domestic or International you want to be able to fit a full width A4 document in it we all print our boarding passes online these days or even use the airline apps so make sure your travel wallet is thin and flexible because everything you put in it is going to stiffen it up and increase the thickness. You dont want the first thing you do to be calling a chiropractor because you were sitting on or carrying something the equivalent of a brick!
Luggage tags - We have been lucky we have not lost any luggage yet *touch wood* but that might because everytime we fly for buisness it looks like we are moving house! Knowing your luggage is super important. We recenty purchased a new big case that we share, it is your standard black case that I am sure 1000s of people have as it was on SALE heheheh but it ment that at the baggage carosel it was like trying to pick a needle out of hay stack! So you have a few options you could tie a ribbon to it or put a sticker on it or you could pop a luggage tag on it. Small and light weight these have the bonus of actually being able to guide your case back to you without the need to open it! That way the aiprort will never know that your dirty laundry was accidently the last thing you threw in.
Carry On - Did you know that most airlines allow you your little wheelie bag plus a handbag or satchel? We totally have this sussed now so all the battery back ups go in the cabin luggage while things we need inflight like headphones, iPads, pens, hair ties all go in my handbag or Adams satchel because we can tuck it under the seat infront of us. I always have this fear that when i open the overhead comparment the bags are going to pour out like when i get the pots and pans down from the top shelf in my kitchen! Unreasonable? I think not. Although Adam seems to think so.. pft
So here is our line up of fully tested Travel essentials.
Do you have an item that find makes your journey easier? tell us about is in the comments below. We also welcome your travel stories.

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