The Science of why we choose to DIY.

So I think we have all heard it “ why do it yourself when you can buy it for less?”

Well while you need the “thing” just choosing it isn't enough and we know why! Dopamine! The molecule behind all our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings. The science behind our need to create it really does make us feel good! So this “thing” we need, you see the urge is much stronger to make it because we want to learn from it and understand it then and only then will it deserve a place in our house/room/shed.

We all know its a longer process to make something but the payoff is more than the “thing”. It is truly unique, amazing in our eyes and it also gives us that much needed hit of dopamine in a super positive way.

There are a whole host of ways that we “make it” instead of buy it everyday like dinner, do you cook? What about coffee do you make your own? Grow your own veg? The “thing” we choose to make has to be something we are invested in that we need with all our hearts.

There are 4 ways we think when it comes to “things”

  1. You or someone you know will talk you out of DIY with the above argument.
  2. You don’t have the tools = lets find a hack = “Lets go to ikea!”
  3. Let’s give it a whirl, I’ll look it up on you tube! = “Bunnings here we come!”
  4. If I am going to do this i am going to do it well = “Google specialist hobby store”

So when was the last time you chose to DIY it? And why did you choose to DIY it?

Adam and I choose to DIY it a lot and it's usually for different reasons like sweat equity, what we need isn't available or the pure dopamine hit creating gives us. You see we don’t smoke, drink or do extreme sports. Our DIY’s are always a calculated risks in fact we have just embarked on a pretty massive one its a BUS CONVERSION yes we taking a 1976 Leyland and turning it into a home on wheels. Stay tuned for progress stories on that one to come.

Looking forward to sharing more with you. xoxo Bec

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