Our real love story

With Valentines Day around the corner it always makes me think of where we have come from. So if you say ewww when couples kiss on TV then this blog post might not be for you, however if your favourite movie is a smooshy love story then this is right up your alley!

I was 17 when i first met Adam and he was 30ish! yeah 31. So let me set the scene. I was finishing high school and dancing once a week at my cousins ballroom dancing studio. My friend Nat and I use to pile in her old bunky and head to the upstairs ballroom which serious was like something out of Strictly Ballroom, wooden floors, wall of mirrors ect ect.

Adam was quite mysterious dressed all in black rather bogan looking even rode a Harley Davidson (Yes that made me week in the knees!) and laid bricks for a living. I remember saying to Nat I am gonna date him and I had never even spoken to him.

After plucking up the courage to ask him to dance in a social I discovered he was softly spoken had rough man hands (total turn on) and eyes bluer than the sky on a cloudless summer day. From that moment we gravitated towards each other at every Wednesday night social dance until I got my license that was and we could do a few more things together. I even remember the first time i rode his Harley! He surprised me and picked me up from my dodgy reception job and i was in a SKIRT! Yeah a little warning would have been nice. We use to spend our friday nights hanging out in the city, holding hands, getting dinner, just enjoying each others company. Now we down a few beers on the couch with a handful a pretzels and laugh together and I would not change it for the world.

I guess all that waltzing, foxtroting, rumba and jive really was the begining of something truely beautiful because here we are, I am now 32 (hehehe) and we have been married for 12 years together for 15 with 2 kids and a bird and our girls stand on daddys toes and dance. I hope one day they get to smile and have a heart full of love too.

Take chances! Go dancing, have a night on the town theres a perfect someone for everyone.

lots of love bec xoxo

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