New Year New Plan for 2019 - Turning tragedy into joy.

A personal letter from us to you;

Dear Friend,

I think its pretty safe to say 2018 has kicked our butt. However you the beautiful, loyal and encouraging member of our crew has kept Hammered Leatherworks moving forward.

This year has taught us there is always something going on in everyones life and any reaction, is not always a reflection of Hammered but whats happening in your own personal journey. I thank you for this. Our hearts, yours and ours have always and will continue to be the life blood of Hammered. We let them lead us and thats where the best innovations, creations and direction comes from.

This year in our personal journey, our hearts they have been broken over and over again with personal tragedy (Strong word I know but please trust me when I say it is warranted)  but we are still here and the power of your smile, laughter and the urge to create will help our hearts grow strong again. We are going to embrace a new way for 2019 and thats going to be sharing all of our projects, not just the leather ones. So I hope your ready to learn more about us and what we do when were not thinking Hammered.

With all the love of our creative hearts - Adam & Bec xoxo

This letter deserves a dedication not only to the family and friends that now look over us in our hearts but to the beautiful spirits still here that will keep us going to 2019.

To all family and friends, that includes you - thank you.


  • Amy Eaton

    You both have remained so strong in the face of adversity and challenges. Heres to a 2019 of unexpected blessings and fulfilment of dreams.

  • Debra Buckle

    Beautiful letter and thank you . With what you are doing compliments what we are doing . I will be in touch in the New Year meantime wishing you a New Year that brings the joy of just being through exploring creativity and allowing our hearts to open to new experiences.

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