Meet Steve the customer cum muse behind the Clifford card wallet

When and how did you meet Bec and Adam? What was your first impression? 
I first met Bec & Adam when we had neighbouring stands at Life Instyle trade fair in Melbourne in late 2016. Trade fairs are very glamorous affairs, so I suspect their first sight of me was possibly my 'builders crack' as i set up our over complicated stand on minimal sleep and with limited tools or skills. My first impressions of Bec and Adam was how lovely and possibly mad they were to have travelled all the way from Western Australia. They endeared themselves to us further once we discovered their sense of humour and that Adam mainly went by the name 'Fluffy Duck'.

Did you know they were making a wallet they would name after you?  
Ha, no clue at all! It must of been that I had vented to them that I hadn't found a slim wallet that I liked and listed the many styles I had tried. Some people get bridges or buildings named after them....I got a gorgeous wallet and that's frankly way more than I thought I would ever have inspired. Winning!

What do you put in your wallet? The bare essential cards and a little folded tender as back up.

What adventures has or does it share with you? The reason I prefer a slim wallets is that if my wallet is bulky I don't bring it with me. Much to the disappointment of my patient wife. If It's slim and styling it comes on all my adventures on 2 wheels or 4.

What do you love about your current wallet? Is it from Hammered Leatherworks? For the last year I have been using the 'Flip A Roo' card wallet (from Hammered Leatherworks) and it has been through thick and thin with me. I often over fill it with pesky faded receipts, ride motorcycles in the rain with it and it has been a gem!

What are your favourite features or parts of the new Clifford card wallet? Apart from the look and feel, I love the rigidity that the wood adds and it sits flat and slim in a jeans pocket.

We think your pretty suave what are your 5 top things to do on the weekend?
Not sure suave has ever been used for me but I'll take the complement and say thanks!
1. dreaming and lounging with my lovely wife, Deb (may include comfort food & NETFLIX)
2. restoring my 1950's little timber speed boat
3. riding my Triumph motorcycle
4. diving to the bottom of the ocean
6. complaining that I work to much.
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Steve and his wife Deb own Sheets on the line. Growing from an idea in a coffee shop into two beautiful stores, their passion and mission has stayed the same. They believe in making lovely things that will truly last the test of time while treading lightly on our earth. The product line has grown from bed linen to bath and table linens, they look forward to producing more ‘lovely things for lovely people’.  Have a nosey and support local you can browse their range by clicking here  SHEETS ON THE LINE

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