Meet ANNA BAG and the small leather bag with a difference

What is Anna?
Anna is a small everyday cross body bag. Anna has an adjustable strap length and closure with mushroom stud to hold her stunning wooden flap closed.

How much can you put in Anna?
Anna's main bag body is 20cm wide and 15cm tall 5cm deep. You can easily fit a small wallet, mobile phone, keys and small costmetics pouch. Everything you need handy for everyday adventures.

What are the benefits of Anna?
Other than the awesomness you feel when you make it yourself her small size helps your prioritise the most important things for everyday. A stylish companion for coffee dates to buisness meetings, supermarket trolley filling to dress shopping. Adjust the strap length to fit you and go hands free with this versatile over the shoulder and cross body style.

What materials is Anna made of?
The back and top flap is a single piece of walnut veeneered MDF. We use a veneered product because it is less likely to warp and give greater longevity. The leather is full grain cow skin, custom made to our strict quality specifications and colour selection. We only use the best and this means the leather will develop a rich patina over time that is unique to you and how you use your bag. The thread used to stitch Anna together is 7 ply hand dyed waxed linen, unbeatable for strength and durability. Anna utilises the best brass hardware available.

How long will it take to make Anna?
The video tutorial takes 52 minutes and 02 seconds so if you sewing along and taking your time and pause a few times 2 hours should be about right. Make a cuppa sit on down and enjoy. Want to check out the video tutorial? here it is!
Why is Anna called Anna?
Anna is an awesome friend, a fellow handmade business owner who we just seemed to click with. Now we meet for many coffees and a chat on a regular basis! Anna's handbag was a bit like Steve's wallet a tad under the weather! There were things she loved about it like the long strap but also things she wanted to change. Anna was telling me how hard it was for her to find someting that really respresented her, handmade with a strong eco ethos and some personality. Keeping Anna's fun and happy brief in mind we made wood bend and leather conform. This was one of those designs that when I held it in my hands I knew it was something really special.

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