• Mabel Makes you Able... The sewer's companion collaboration.

    Here she is. You named her and Mabel is now ready to officially meet the world.

    A creative collaboration between Sonia from Dandelyne and Bec from Hammered Leatherworks, Mabel has been created to solve a common problem "Where are my scissors?". An issue all creatives are faced with on a regular basis we are sure. Mabel is the result of our combined minds  to help simplify your world by bringing your scissors and needles into the closest of reaches. Her bold colours are not just for fun but to help in finding her when she is not hanging around your neck. Meet Sonia and learn more about Dandelyne on our blog.

    Mabel is the nifty sewer's companion. Her job is to give your sharp scissors a home with a cuddly 100% wool felt pin cushion to keep your needles safe! (Nothing worse than them disappearing into the carpet!) The full grain leather pieces ensure your scissor points are safe and secure from doing or getting damaged while the adjustable neck strap is comfortable, light weight and durable.  Mabel looks great with any scissors and fits almost all embroidery scissors and snips. The scissors shown here are designed by Paula Sibbald in Canada and we have just a few available for purchase too for an additional $20.

    This first release of Mabel is limited to 10 kits in each colourway and come with a 40mm Dandelyne mini embroidery hoop to celebrate!



    Meet Sonia from Dandelyne

       Hi there … I am Sonia, the designer and face behind Dandelyne, the home of the original miniature embroidery hoop.

    Dandelyne is about small-scale embroidery projects that are satisfying, rewarding, soul boosting and frankly, just look so darn cute on any outfit.
    The unique miniature embroidery hoop, that is an original design by me, since 2012, comes in 7 different sizes and the shapes include circles, portrait style ovals and landscape style ovals. You can choose to capture precious things and stitch them as a keepsake of that moment - stitch an initial, stitch a drawing, stitch a line, stitch a face. The options are endless and so are the stitches. You can then frame your stitchy awesomeness and wear it loud and proud in a Dandelyne mini embroidery hoop.Find more of Sonia's mini embroidery hoops at