Life Instyle Sydney

The whole stand with me in it can you believe it thats a tad unusual. We were rocking it, everyone was totally loving it.
What is Life Instyle? 
It is a trade show where the shops come to shop, Stylists and Architects discover new products and bloggers/writers converge! Trade shows are all about the sparkle and only we get 2 opportunities a year to put on the best show we can to attract awesome stockists from around Australia and overseas.

​Extreme list making that could totally be a sport! It is the one thing that scares me most, if we forget something its an 8 hour round trip flight so leaving something behind is just not an option.

Our entire set up, believe it or not, thanks to Mr Hammered, fits on a 120cm x 80cm x 100cm pallet that weighs in at about 200kgs. Definitely a job for the forklift.

I sketch for weeks, organise for a few more, then make for several more weeks, and this is just for the stand, let alone the new collection that was being launched on it. To be honest I love every moment (not so sure about Mr Hammered though). The problem solving and squeezing the budget is definitely my wheel house. I love when it all comes together.
I hope this little window into our world behind the scenes can explain our occasional extended absences on social media.

​Stay tuned for the next blog about the Life Instyle GALA Awards!

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