How to make your next DIY project a success

We are going to help you run circles around your next project with a few simple steps.

  1. Get educated - Do some watching! you tube tutorials on similar projects will expose great tips that can make it easier/better. Technology is always changing and making improvements, there may be a new product that makes your project a breeze.
  2. Give yourself a realistic timeline - Great things take time.
  3. Preparation - Purchase good tools the kind you can hand down to your kids. Look for secondhand if you don’t want to buy new or join a mens shed or crafting group where they lend or swap.
  4. Supplies - Buy the best you can afford it's like an insurance policy for your project.
  5. Get started - Have fun! Walk away for cup of joe or swig of a beer and step into the sunshine for a break. Remember it is not just about the thing but the journey too.
  6. Be proud, you did it! That thing that was in your head that started as just a thought or pile of lumber in a yard is now real, completely tangible you can touch it and most of all it was built by your hands. Ride that high because you deserve it.

Recently we had to put up a fence, you know the good neighbour type. Yes I would have rather been knitting or sewing or anything else really it was a 44C day. But you know what it’s done! I learnt how to mix concrete, cut with an angle grinder/box saw and the most fascinating thing how a level works! Who would have thought a bubble suspended in liquid could be such a massive asset thanks to gravity!

So don’t ever let learning new skills seem scary or stand in your way, anyone can learn new tricks anytime!

Until we meet again, xoxo Bec


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