Girl Power! Meet Leah & Holly; Two very talented ladies...

Over the last 7 months we have been hard at work updating our packaging and we'd like to introduce you to two very talented ladies that helped us to get there.
Meet Leah from Studio Bomba - Graphic Designer Extrodinaire

Studio Bomba is a creative consultancy, big on curiosity and collaboration. Bomba works with businesses to shape their look and feel for the first time. And also when re-introducing themselves, or a new product or service, to the market. We geek out on design for brands, packaging, publications, promotions and spaces – all of the moments when companies and clients bump up against one another for mutual goodness. Some of best known work has been for clients such as Fringe World Perth, Rooftop Movies, Vasse Felix Wines, Silvana Coffee and homegrown projects including Mitchell & Dent and First Comes Love.

Working with Hammered is always fun and when Bomba was invited to partner with them on a new packaging solution as flexible as their product is, it was a no-brainer! Bec and Adam are renowned for their ‘high-design meets DIY’ approach and the packaging needed to work in that world too. We developed a standard box that can be customised to fit each one of their kits, protecting the premium leathers and hardware, but also able to be opened instore so folks can see quality of the leather kits and get a real feel for the heirloom-quality item they’re about to handcraft.
Meet Holly - Taker of Awesome Imagery

To compliment the awesome new boxes designed by Leah we needed some equally awesome photography to match it; enter Holly:

I am a wife, mother of three and a photographer living in the beautiful south-west town of  Margaret River.

I'm addicted to all things photography and even after almost 7 years in business, I still spend many of my days studying the craft. Ever since high school I've enjoyed picking up a camera but it wasn't until I had my first child and my mum gifted me with a new camera, that I found my digital voice.

As a mum, I understand the importance of capturing life's fleeting moments and keeping those memories strong forever. I love connecting with couples and families who allow me to show who they really are, people who are happy to truly be themselves in front of my camera. I want you to be able to relive how you felt at that moment all over again and I want you to be able to share those moments with generations to come.

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