From this to that - custom made leather watch bands

We meet some totally amazeballs people when we travel and our December trip to the The Big Design Market was certainly a good one. On a steamy afternoon in Melbourne we met Lynette, a lovely lady with a watch that she loved so so dearly but it needed a little help. You see her wrist watch bands were an odd shape to suit her stunning watch face which posed a problem, replacement bands were just not available. While browsing our stand she looks up and says can you custom make for me? We had a quick chat about buckles and pins because these too were very unique to the band itself and decided to do it we would need to recycle the ones she had. Just a week later we were exchanging addresses and her beloved watch bands were on their way to the Hammered workshop.

The design process is fun and we love problem solving, it really gives our brains a workout. Working from the samples with a ruler, caliper and hardware in hand we created a millimeter perfect drawing taking how the bands had worn over time into account.
Next step was sampling. We cut and stitched a sample for Lynette to check before making final tweaks and making her 4 replacement bands. You can see the unique shape to the pin area.
And voila, a few tweaks and colour choices later we had stunning replacements that will last many many years to come with her Baume et Mercier face.
After the band safely arrived in Lynette's hands she sent this picture through. They are the perfect fit and the high quality leather used will certainly have them going strong for many years to come.
If you have something near and dear to you that needs a little bit of life breathed back into it to keep going for many years to come do contact us, we like a challenge!

​Until our next adventure...Bec