Doc Doc we're back! Back from the future - Whats to come?

Coming into our 4th year of officially functioning as a business is a seriously momentus task!
Did you know most small businesses don't make it past year 3! 

So whats in the pipe line? Theres left turns and right turns and up turns and down turns there is dead ends and as Einstien would say 1000 ways not to make a light bulb. But what is going to pop out the end? Well that is like asking me what I am going to eat for breakfast tomorrow and the answer to that would be I will find out when I am hungry........heheheheheeee

Keep reading keep reading I promise there will be a sneak peek!
So what I can let loose is what is in the pipline now?
  • Our packaging is about to have a massive makeover by the incredible Leah Dent from Studio Bomba.
  • Due to the popularity of our wrist watch kits we will be increasing the range with 2 new face options.
  • There is a little/big someone waiting in the wings called Henry he's shy cause he's new and really does not know where he fits quite yet.
  • We know we will be winging our way to Melbourne and Sydney at the end of the year for Xmas shopping orgies!
  • Oh and there will be something for pets too but that was just a fleeting thought in the car.

We Mr Hammered and I do alot of creative thinking in the car its either because its boring or being on the move helps us move in one direction or another. Where do you do your creative thinking?

Soooo now is your turn to vote! Tell us what your most excited to see and you can control in what order everything new comes to you!