Crafting is good for your health


We all think about New Year's resolutions. The thing is for most us we don't really do much about it. You see big change comes from lots of small habits they are the ones that really make an impact, so start now with a small project and in this season where going nuts is totally acceptable give your brain a break! 

Making, creating and allowing yourself to be totally awestruck and absorbed by a project is the break your brain really needs. 

We did a little bit of digging. You see Adam and I are pretty chilled, nothing really phases us, we accept people for who they are and what they are wanting to achieve and we can help along the way you can count on us to be there. It got me to thinking though,  why? So I did some googling and a fair bit of reading and it turns out crafting is good for your health! Go figure huh..... You see while we run a creative business, we still work on our own little projects on the sidelines; knitting, sewing, metal fabrication, fiberglass projects and resin activities. We love a challenge and will try just about anything we have the tools for or can afford like a ceramics workshop.

So heres a little ditty I found on davidwolfe

It talks about how it's actually scientifically proven! Those who craft experience a release of dopamine which is what happens before adrenaline kicks in. This also happens when you drink alcohol, get a text, someone likes one of your pictures on Instagram, someone sends a message on Facebook or you get a little something, something in the mail box. 

So take a break and allow yourself to be happy. Plan time for a brain break to make something for yourself because your brain and your body will thank you for it!

​Talk soon....Bec xoxo

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