August 30th, 2017

Hi all,

Firstly for introductions - My name is Timmy and I’ve been on board helping out Bec and Adam behind the scenes with marketing and sales over the past few months.

​As things are getting busier around here at Hammered I thought I would commandeer the blog for this week to talk about my first experience with one of our clever leather kits, the original 42mm watch.

Not long after I started out helping about the place here at Hammered, I managed to talk Bec into letting me get my mits on a tan leather wrist watch kit. I’m a graphic designer by trade so I tend to like clean and minimalistic designs; something classy that I can knock around with day to day as well as dress up when called for. Prior to getting my wrist watch kit I tended to favour large watches with metal bands that while looked stylish did have a fair weight behind them and as a result only got worn on the odd occasion so I was pretty stoked with how light my wrist watch kit has been as well as how soft the leather of the watch band is.

What blew me away was the actual making of the watch. It really couldn’t have been simpler… 
I had never sewn very much before and the only instructions I had was from the online instructional videos that everyone else uses so I had no real idea of how long it was actually going to take me. I initially only intended to stitch one of the bands the first night I got the kit but next thing you know it was less than an hour later and I had the whole project knocked out and completed.

My watch is getting daily use and to be honest I forget it’s there on my wrist at times. Now I’ve just got to talk Bec into letting me pilfer one of those oh so classy travel wallets…

Until next time all,


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