Adventures & experiences in sydney

I have been travelling back and forward to Sydney and Melbourne for 3 years now peddling our wares. Travelling is something I need help with, the flights at odd hours and the bloody long days means I drag along with me Mr Hammered or when he is not available I have beautiful friends that stand in.

Any one who travels along with me knows how close we cut it! But this last trip was different instead of rush, rush, rush we made the time to do just a few things. We chose to cut through the hustle and bustle and embrace slow living, every experience. These are the places we saw and where we ate while in Sydney.


We arrived in Sydney on Valentine's Day; seriously it was a coincidence totally not planned. What was planned though was the gin blending workshop we attended at Archie Rose Distillery. Just like us they are bring an old art back to life. Sydney has not had their very own distillery making gin for many many decades. Due to lots of bookings we were seated in the actual distillery which was a first for them and for a texture lover like me it was an absolute delight. Surrounded by gin barrels, copper distilling kettles and stainless steel mash pots it was AWESOME! Here is a picture of the distillery from the Archie Rose Website. We had our tables on the left, right near the barrels and among the action.

​On Life Instyle opening night to celebrate all our hard work we met up with Perth boutique owner, fellow designer and best mate Buffy. You should check out her store and clothing line... you can find it here Pekho Wear + Wares. We went to the Opera House Bar for dinner and drinks with the Harbour Bridge on our left and the Sydney Opera House on our right it could not have been more perfect. The setting sun, a glass of wine, fab food and great company made it the absolute best way to see the Opera House and bridge for the first time.

On Friday night we were invited to the Rogue Lifestyle press party. Located just down the road from the trendy Waterloo area on Bourke St there could not have been a more fitting venue with it's striking presence. A trendy warehouse with wooden floors and exposed brick that also housed an exhibition space. It was a great show with a stunning grazing table and a buzz of stallholders, PR moguls and supporters.

Finalists in both the Australian Made and Gift categories, we were optimistic that maybe we might bring just one home. WE WON BOTH! So as you can imagine we were totally over the moon and it turned into a blog post of its own. LOL - you can read about it here. 

SUNDAY NIGHT we packed, packed and packed then discovered the German beer bar across the road from the Life Instyle venue at Hordern Pavilion unfortunately we were far, far too tired to even consider taking pictures at this point. With a belly full of slow cooked meat and German sausage we were off to bed.

MONDAY was a day of rest and train travel. We walked into Surry Hills for an epic breakfast of pinky french toast at breadnbrew. Something you might not know is Mr Hammered is actually form Sydney originally! So we jumped on a train from Central Station to head out to Rouse Hill for some sight seeing in his old stomping grounds. 

​OH MY GOD  did you know Sydney has double decker trains! WTF!!!!!! mind blown! After a delightful time in what felt like rural Sydney we headed back dropping past Olympic Park yup another first! Never seen it before except on TV, then onto the new ICC convention centre finishing up with a trip to my favourite creative place Koskela.

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