6 tips for beating procrastination!


Got a lot to do? Make a list! Break it down and tick it off there is sooooo much satisfaction that comes with making a mark! (Sometimes I put things on my list that are almost finished so I can mark them off and feel good!)

Half finished projects Ask yourself why? Has the need for the thing your making gone? Have you fallen out of love with it? Not all projects get finished and you know what that's OK! Sometimes we over commit ourselves or times change and that is perfectly OK. Why not give the project to a friend to finish, or repurpose it into something else or sell it off there might be someone out there who needs a started project to ease themselves into.

Too busy? Oh yes I am guilty of this one. “I am too busy to do that” then a lovely small biz friend said to me one day she was so busy being “busy” that nothing was getting done and it was a total OMG moment so my next tip is take a break! Go out for a coffee meet up with a friend, take the dog/parrot/cat for a walk in the park. Look at your list and get rid of the busy things. You know the things you don’t have to do or can wait.

Ask for help! I know sounds simple right, but sometimes it can be harder than you think but you know what? That’s only in our heads! Have a busy bee where you invite friends to come help anything from folding boxes, cleaning putting stickers on and reward you and your group of great friends with a take out pizza.

Go with the flow Sometimes we want to do things in a certain way and we get in our own way so shake it up and just go with the flow. You won’t only blast through what you have to do but learn some interesting things along the way!

Just start! Yes we know it’s scary and you might not have done it before you have all the butterflies right? Well that's a good sign it means it's worth the effort!

It's so easy to get caught up at procrastination station. We have all done it some more than others. I certainly have been the exact reason why I wrote this blog. I hope it helps you like it helped me. Just remember you have the power to go in any direction you want just trust your gut!

xoxo Bec


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